suanne lowerySuanne Lowery, our Accredited Nutritionist provides nutritional advice and creates an individual nutritional plans based on a complete health, diet and lifestyle analysis. Using a holistic approach, she ensures that you will have increased energy, improved sleep and most importantly optimum health and wellness.

As a health and wellbeing facility, we are very excited to offer our nutrition services either as a single service for our clients or in conjunction with a personal training program.  Our focus is on helping you, our client, and we understand that not one plan fits all which is why we offer the following flexible services / packages.   Additionally, we are a service provider for the following private health insurers, if you are with any of the funds below you may be able to claim on our nutritional services – please contact them to enquire on potential rebates for your level of cover.

Suanne Lowery

 Services / Packages: