Suanne Lowery Iridologist

Iridology Consultations

Everyone has unique colour, patterns and markings in their eyes which Suanne Lowery, our practicing Iridologist studies in order to determine areas of strength or weakness within your health.  Each section of the iris represents different body organs / functions and iridology requires the practitioner to study the sclera (white part of your eye) and the iris noting valuable information pertaining to current health, genetic traits and predispositions in health related illness. 

Iridology enables preventative health care, is non-invasive and does not harm the eyes at all as the examination is performed with a magnifying glass and pen light.  It’s a form of natural therapy which we are specialised to perform at Fitness Forever.

$149.50 Package Includes:

*Initial consultation (20min)
*Follow up consultation (60min)
*Complete eye analysis with personalised report & explanation of results
*Health / lifestyle program design based on results

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