About Us

Fitness Forever is passionate about health and fitness and therefore ensure that we are industry accredited and are constantly learning and continuing our education to provide you, our client with the best service and up to date industry knowledge available.  Find out more about us below:

Suanne Lowery  Owner / Nutritionist / Personal Trainer

Suanne is a Fitness Australia registered Exercise Professional and Accredited Nutritionist.  Sharing her knowledge with up & coming Personal Trainers, Suanne also lectures the Certificate III & Certificate IV in Fitness at a leading College in Brisbane.

One of Suanne’s passions is helping people who suffer from Chronic Disease or disability to live a healthy & active life.  Suanne herself has always enjoyed health and fitness and has a strong desire to assist in the promotion of health and wellbeing to others by helping her clients understand and experience the benefits of incorporating a balanced diet with exercise.  Suffering from lifelong asthma, gut issues, allergies and food sensitivities herself, Suanne understands how the impact of health conditions and lifestyle can affect motivation and mindset and therefore appreciates what is needed in order to achieve ultimate health and wellbeing.

Specialising in Nutritional Medicine, Suanne’s holistic approach to nutritional health incorporates existing and past health conditions, dietary behaviour, lifestyle, food quality and quantity and importantly intake of essential vitamins and nutrients which allows her to create individual nutritional plans.  Personal training sessions with Suanne are fun, yet effective, ever-changing and personalised to ensure clients do not lose motivation or focus.

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Roxanne Wells-Peris / Personal Trainer

Roxanne completed her Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness in 2007 and completed Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology at UQ in 2016. Over the last 5 years she has completed several specific courses in rehabilitation, boxing, kettle bells and Pilates. Having a background in dancing at an elite level, her strengths in training are building core stability, flexibility and strength. She incorporates functional strength work with Pilates to ensure her clients are strong from within! She has worked extensively with clients requiring rehabilitation and have ongoing health concerns and as a qualified boxing trainer her sessions are always fun with lots of variety and are specifically tailored to suit her client’s individual needs.

Roxanne’s objective as a PT is to enable, empower and support her clients towards reaching their fitness and lifestyle goals. She endeavours to make healthy living part of everyone’s lifestyle – being fit and healthy is about a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix! She loves motivating and inspiring my clients but most of all I love seeing my clients achieve their goals and to do things they never thought they could!